Man on Date With Black Woman Won’t Stop Reminding Her He’s Dated A Black Woman Before

Yesterday evening, white man Jake Medhurst couldn’t stop reminding the black woman he was on a date with that he had, in fact, been on a date with a black woman before.


“I just wanted her to feel comfortable,” says Medhurst. “So I decided to single out her blackness and spend most of our evening focused on it.”


Medhurst didn’t waste any time in squeezing the topic of the one black woman he had previously dated into the conversation with the black woman he was actively on a date with.


“We started out with the typical nervous small talk,” says Medhurst. “But I wanted to get to chatting about more important things, like the fact that I’ve already dated a black woman before, and did so voluntarily. Then I tried to bring it up a bunch more times to really bring it on home.”


Keisha Martin, Medhurst’s date, was confused by Medhurst’s determination to only discuss the fact that he had already dated someone who had one aspect in common with her.


“It’s literally all we talked about,” says Martin. “Black women aren’t a monolith, you know? He hasn’t dated all of us by virtue of having dated one of us. Like, that’s racist.”


As the night went on, Medhurst continued to find ways to reiterate to Ms. Martin that he had already dated a black woman in the past, once, for one date.


“Jake would actually change the subject if I started talking about our mutual hobbies or taste in music,” says Martin. “He really couldn’t stop reminding me about that time he previously dated a different black girl! It was boring!”


“Because I’ve gone on a date with one black woman before, I know literally everything about the black woman experience,” says Medhurst. “So Keisha and I had lots to talk about.”


Keisha disagrees.



“It was weird because I think we actually have a lot in common,” says Martin. “But he would only talk about weaves and Beyonce.”


When asked how the date went, Medhurst seemed confident.


“By the end of the night, it was obvious to her that she wasn’t just the one token black woman that some wannabe woke white guy went on a date with,” Medhurst says.


“She couldn’t be, because she’s the second black woman I’ve gone on a date with. Have I mentioned that yet?”