‘I Would Never Date a Black Woman,’ Says Man Who No Black Woman Would Ever Date

During a recent night out drinking and scouting for hookups with his buddies, white man Preston Fisher told his friends he “would never date a black woman,” while remaining blind to the fact that no black woman would ever date him.


“I’m just not attracted to black chicks,” said Preston, who has attracted the romantic attention of exactly zero black women in his dating life.


“I just kind of have a type,” said Preston, who brushes his teeth every other day or so. “There are just certain features I like in a woman, so I’m just less inclined to date women who don’t have those.”


“Also, black girls also have such an attitude all the time,” added Preston, who spends most of his nights insulting strangers in Youtube comments. “I guess they just don’t do it for me.”


“I get that he has a type, but it seems unnecessary to really call it out, considering that not one black girl has ever really looked at him,” said his friend Garrett. “Also it’s super racist.”


Black women don’t seem bothered by Preston’s taste in women.


“Writing off an entire group of people as dating partners is inherently rooted in racial bias,” explained Lianne Barbosa, who is of Cape Verdean descent. “But also, that dude is wearing Crocs at a bar, so I’d be impressed any woman would date him.”



“Who the hell cares what that neckbeard has to say about dating black women,” added Sade Adeyemi, a Nigerian-American. “Like, I don’t really have a ‘type’ but I can unequivocally say that if I did it would be ‘not that dude over there.’”


While he is unaware that the feeling is mutual, Preston is holding onto his hard-line stance.


“It’s nothing personal – black women just aren’t my type,” said Preston. “I haven’t even really met that many of them, though.”