Man Pretty Sure He Would Be Flattered If A Stranger Masturbated to Him on The Train

Women in every major city have experienced the sinking realization on public transit that a man is masturbating directly at them. While these women experience horror and disgust at being violated so publicly, one man is daring to think of it a different way. In fact, Geoff Sherman feels certain that if a stranger masturbated to him on the train, he would be flattered.


“Masturbating in public is kinda weird,” Sherman explains. “But someone jacking off to you is, deep-down, a compliment. I know for sure that’s the way I would take it.”


Sherman, who “believes cat-calling exists but has personally never seen it,” even wishes someone would masturbate to him on the train because he believes it would be a confidence boost.


“Dating in the city is tough. A lot of women reject me for some reason,” Sherman says. “I feel like if I saw someone touching themselves while forcing eye contact with me on the train I’d feel really attractive and very comfortable. Women could at least try to see it that way.”


But can women see it Sherman’s way?


“Absolutely fucking not,” one woman says.


“Does he realize that it’s not a hot guy who asked to pay attention to you?” another woman says. “It’s a perv who is doing it to fuck with you when you’re just like, trying to get your groceries back to your apartment without being bothered.”



But these perspectives haven’t convinced Sherman that deliberate public masturbation isn’t a sign of admiration.


“I’m not saying that I’ve ever done anything like that,” says Sherman. “But if I were to whip my dick out on a train in front of a lady, it’d be because I think she’s beautiful.”


His advice?


“Just be nice about it! I know I would be.”