DIY Braided Hairstyle in 75 Simple Steps

DIY Braids - Reductress

From the standard side-swept braid to the two-sided fishtail boho braid, the power of the plait is strong for spring. To help spice up your season, we put together a simple 75 step-by-step guide to our go-to ‘do that adds chic complexity to your everyday style.
Step 1: Prep hair

Step 2: Prep hair emotionally

Step 3: Make peace with hair

Step 4: Boost hair’s self-esteem

Step 5: Find 27 bobby pins

Step 6: Lose 5 bobby pins immediately

Step 7: Create a bun

Step 8: Examine bun

Step 9: Tear bun apart in a rage

Step 10: Apologize to hair

Step 11: Contemplate life

Step 12: Get thirsty

Step 13: Make a coffee run

Steps 14-17: Stop by the grocery store, post office, dry cleaner’s and Papyrus (to pick up a birthday card for your nephew) while you’re out.

Step 18: Get home and prep hair (again)

Step 19: Gather section of hair into a ponytail

Step 20: Hold it there for 20 minutes

Step 21: Try and balance on one foot

Step 22: Have your husband braid the rest of your hair

Step 23: Try to get feeling back into your arm

Step 24: Tease the ponytail

Step 25: No seriously, really harass the hell out of it

Step 26: Get tired

Steps 27-37: Take a power nap where you dream of being BFFs with Beyoncé

Steps 38-48: Wake up all groggy, roll over and go back to sleep

Step 49-59: Wake up 4 hours later confused

Step 60: Get up

Step 61: File nails

Step 62: Ignore a call from your mom

Step 63: Return your mom’s phone call

Step 64: Solemnly continue braiding

Step 65: Become overwhelmed with accomplishment

Step 66: Think about all the places you’ll go with your new braid

Step 67: Secure braids and hide any ends sticking out

Step 68: Twist whatever hair is not braided

Step 69: Pin this hair to the braided hair

Step 70: Check your Instagram feed

Step 71: Cancel your Uber

Step 72: Look into a mirror

Step 73: Cry

Step 74: Finish with some hairspray

Step 75: Enjoy your new look!



Whether you’re trying to drive yourself mad or drive yourself to the salon for a shorter cut, this braid is the real deal for spring. Happy braiding!