Beach Hair Made Easy with These Five Designer Products

It’s almost beach season! Even if you’re stuck on a Hamptons inlet, you want to maintain that natural, just-been-to-the-beach look all summer long. These five designer products will take your hair from private island-perfect to St. Tropez-tousled:


Bottled Sun Hair-Lightening Serum, $49

A sunny day at the beach can bring out your natural highlights – but if medications have caused your skin to react badly to the sun and you’re stuck below deck on your yacht, douse your hair in this sunlight-inspired white syrup.


Exotically Foreign Moroccan Oil, $80

The price of this sensual spray is justified since it’s been imported, then exported, and then imported again. Your hair will look and smell like you’ve just gotten off a private jet from the Caribbean, even if you were actually just at the mall.


Texturizing Volumizer Mousse for Wealthy Hair, $80

Just a dab from this .005 oz jar will pump up your hair at the ends and weigh it down at the scalp. Style your hair like you spent all day sunbathing in a classy, humid sea breeze filled with white sand.



Pure H20 Hydration Mist, $95

No beach day is complete without getting wet! But the ocean can be so cold and disgusting. Get that “wet” look for your locks with this all-natural product. It comes straight from Mother Earth and is seasoned with just a pinch of sea salt.


Infomercial-Only Curling Iron, $159.95

As seen on TV, this curling iron is the only piece of hair care equipment that Kelly Ripa will use on her own children. It heats up to dangerously unregulated temperatures, giving you the perfect singed-in-the-sun look.


Have a relaxing day away from the beach, and don’t forget to bring the sand scrub exfoliate.