Man Reminisces About Joke Immediately After Telling It

A few days ago 28-year-old Matt Samson got a laugh after telling a joke to a few friends. Although the conversation swiftly moved forward from the joke, Matt made sure to reminisce about the joke immediately after telling it.


“I told this joke where I compared our friend Bill to the subway, you know, cause he’s always late and always smells bad,” says Matt. “I felt so proud of it that a few minutes later, I decided to remind everyone by saying, ‘Remember when I said Bill is like the subway?’” he added. “Everyone kind of chuckled again. You know it’s a really good joke when people laugh again.”


Despite Matt’s pride, the joke he made didn’t have the same importance to his friends.


“I don’t really remember. That night was really fun though,” says Steve Birch. “Oh, you mean when Matt was talking about Bill? Oh yeah, that was pretty funny. You know what was really funny though? When Jordan told us that story about sleepwalking in college. I couldn’t stop laughing.”


“Yeah it was so crazy! One time in college I woke up lying on the steps of the campus library wearing only a beanie,” says Jordan Hampton. “Haha, sorry, remember that story I just told? About the sleepwalking? Haha.”


Sources confirm that the reminiscing isn’t always appreciated.


“I love Matt, I really do,” says his girlfriend Nancy Daniels. “But he doesn’t really get that there’s a grace period between when you can tell a joke and then tell it again.”



“Like, wait a week? Or at least a few hours? Or wait for someone new to join the conversation so you can fill them in on why everyone is laughing,” she adds. “Otherwise, it makes no sense.”


Still, Matt seems to want to remember that moment forever. At press time, Matt asked us if we know Bill. Upon learning we didn’t, he said:


“Bill is like the subway, always late and always smelly,” says Matt. “Haha, that’s a good joke. The one I just made about the subway and Bill. Just now.”