Aww! This Man Thought Telling His Girlfriend to Calm Down Would Help Her Calm Down

We celebrate the men in our lives who support us with calming words, but we’re amazed that one man thought that it would actually work!


“She was freaking out for no reason, and she wanted to be calm, so I did the obvious thing and told her to calm down,” said Henry Timms. “I don’t understand why that made it worse somehow.”


Aww! Henry has some really adorable ideas about how feelings work!


“She was super worked up over something that happened at work,” said Henry. “So obviously I thought that she would feel a lot better if she stopped feeling that way.”


Wow! We’re truly amazed that someone could actually think this is a good approach!


Unsurprising to anyone with an idea of how feelings work, Henry’s words had the opposite effect.


“I was literally just venting to him after work, and he kept telling me to calm down,” said Nettie Port, Henry’s girlfriend. “I was already starting to feel better just by talking it out, but after he told me to calm down again, I suddenly wanted to punch a wall?”


“She still seemed pissed at me for some reason,” Henry said. “So I asked her if she was mad five or six times, cause she looked a little mad. And now she’s not talking to me.”



The couple has since moved on from the issue, but Henry couldn’t help himself from thinking this would actually fucking work!


“Seems like she’s overreacting again,” he added.


She’s really not, Henry!