Feel Old Yet? Thousands of Furbies Approaching Menopause

Yellow furby with blue eyes image in Animals

Hey, Nineties kids! As we’re all getting older, our beloved Furbies are as well: Thousands and thousands of Furbies are now approaching menopause, and it’s affecting everyone around them.


“I’ve owned and sold over a hundred Furbies since they launched in 1998,” says Miranda Collins, a toy collector. “And nearly all of them have grown moody, erratic, and depressed in the past year or two, signaling a massive change in their body that will hopefully subside soon.”



Wow! Those furry little creatures sure have grown up – and are slowly losing their reproductive capacity!


Several other collectors have noticed a change among their Furbies, including night sweats, hot flashes, and a reduced sex drive.


“We don’t really know when this will be over,” added Miranda. “But we definitely will all breathe a sigh of relief when it finally is. Several of my Furbies just won’t stop crying.”


This news sure left us Millennials fumbling for our calcium supplements!