Heroic Woman Rescues Dog From Expensive Breeder

Buckle the fuck up, dog lovers: After a month of searching for the perfect dog in need of a home, 31-year-old Tamara Foster heroically rescued her three-month-old maltipoo from an expensive breeder in Stamford, Connecticut.


“I knew that no matter what, I wanted to get a rescue, because that is important to me,” says Tamara. “And as soon as I handed over the check to the breeder and picked up Tabitha, I was like ‘Okay girl, you’re rescued now!’”


Tabitha was one of six other Maltese/Poodle mixes who were heroically rescued from a breeder, who charged over $3000 for each dog. After being weaned on an expansive farm in Connecticut, Tamara brought her new rescue dog back to her studio apartment on the Upper West Side in Manhattan where she sometimes gets to pee outside on the balcony now.


“I just feel like by taking in a dog who desperately needed a home, I’ve done something good for the world,” says Tamara. “I just know I’m helping end the toxic world of dog breeding by paying them a lot of money in exchange for their dogs.”


Yes, girl! Way to do your research!


Tamara and Tabitha are enjoying their new life together, although Tamara is struggling to manage Tabitha’s illnesses as a young puppy.



“That’s just because she’s a rescue,” Tamara added. “Other than the certificate of pedigree that I received when I got her, we really just don’t know the conditions she was raised in.”


Aw, what a dog mom! We hope this inspires countless others to get out there and rescue a very expensive dog.