Slay! This Private Prison is Woman-Owned

As President Biden has ordered the Justice Department to end contracts with private prisons to set the tone in combating systemic racism, it seems like for-profit prison operators just can’t catch a break. However, this absolute She-E-O is keeping the entrance doors to her prison open!


We are gagging for Heidi Radnor, the woman behind the lucrative Reeves County Detention Center. She gets like $150/day/prisoner thanks to government contracts.


Get your coin, sis!


Supporting women in business is vital towards a gender-equal society. When it comes to #IncarcerateWomenOwned, especially during the pandemic when the imprisoned are highly susceptible to Covid-19, Radnor is putting in hard work. That’s why we’re gagging for Radnor and her efforts towards removing incarcerated people of their rights and attaching a government-fueled profit motive.


Female entrepreneurs often have to pass higher hurdles than their male counterparts when it comes to managing a business.


“Oftentimes I’m asked, “is it hard being a woman in business?” Yes, it is, but when I saw the opportunity in the 80s for the private sector to get involved with the War on Drugs, I snorted my last line of cocaine, got my act together, and took advantage of a great business opportunity,” shared Radnor. “Now I’m a self-made billionaire. Thanks, Reagan!”



“A lot of angry people are calling on institutions to divest from my work and take me down, which is misogynistic,” she added. “I was scared there for a moment when the Department of Justice wanted to drop us in 2016, but fortunately the Department of Homeland Security stepped in to keep us afloat.”


When asked what’s next for Radnor, the girl boss briefly paused to reflect before sharing her long term goals. “Eventually I’d like to retire and donate my earnings to political elections, but there’s just too much opportunity in this field. I’m eager to expand past just incarceration, maybe getting into immigration, halfway houses, even a juvenile facility. It would be nice to give back.”


Sounds like this bitch Heidi will continue slaying the game!