Inspiring! This Woman Subscribes Her Exes to Her Newsletter Without Asking

In a beautiful display of selflessness that began several years ago, Rachel Vann-Weiss has continued the practice of subscribing each and every ex to her weekly newsletter.


What a beautiful way to connect with the people she once loved, all in one weekly newsletter!


The newsletter, which does not have an ‘unsubscribe’ button, beautifully details her observations, interesting things she’s read, and her many accomplishments over the years, proving that you can still keep in touch with past loves, whether they like it or not.


“I’ve thought about emailing her directly to take me off the list,” says ex-girlfriend Shea Moss, who dated Rachel for six months. “But I’m scared that this is all an elaborate trap?”


You’re probably right, Shea! This all seems like a very inspiring trap.


Rachel finds it important to keep in touch with people who have been close to her in the past.


“I’m just a kind, open person, who isn’t afraid to let bygones be bygones,” Rachel said. “Plus, I have a Zoom show coming up and it would be great to see everyone’s faces! Don’t worry, all the info is in my upcoming newsletter.”



“Her show references our relationship several times,” says ex-boyfriend Jerome Wilkins. “I know because she said it in her last newsletter.”


“Rachel is an emotional terrorist,” Jerome added.


Wow! Is this incredibly toxic, beautiful, or both? We have absolutely no idea!!


If you are interested in subscribing to Rachel’s newsletter, you can find her on Tinder and Bumble interested in both men and women located in the New York region.