Girl Gets Good at Wrong Hobby

In a disappointing turn of events, Erma Barben has been getting really good at the wrong hobby.


Apparently, spending the last six months dedicating her free time to building a renaissance lute was all for naught, and not particularly useful or cool in any way.


“I thought I had got in early on a cool, cottagecore aesthetic,” Emma said. “But I guess that turned out to be resin art, for some reason. Why is everybody working with resin now?”


While Erma was spending a whole month carving the neck of her lute, she found that her friend’s resin art Instagram account had gone viral and also made her enough money to pay for her summer classes at college. While discouraging, Erma persisted, confident that lute building would be the next quaint hobby to captivate the masses.


However, it does not seem like Erma’s master plan has panned out.



Erma’s TikTok account, @lute_bitch, which documents her time-consuming and seemingly never-ending process of lute building, has amassed all of four followers, one of which is Erma’s main account.


“I love Erma, but now she always brings that guitar thing everywhere and is carving it. It doesn’t even look like a flute,” said Erma’s best friend Sara Smith, who was wearing resin art earrings she had made.


When Erma hit the six-month mark on her lute building, she was able to admit that the hobby had been the wrong choice for her goals.


“I’m actually so good at building this lute, but this won’t be finished for at least another three months, and then all I’ll have to show for it is a lute that no one will play,” she said, dismayed. “I really should have taken up resin art.”


At press time, Erma was convincing herself to finally get into resin art, which will also not be cool three months from now.