Wow! This Woman Texted ‘Hahahah fuckkkkkk’ Twice Because It Didn’t Look Like It Sent

Recent college graduate Olivia Maxwell went above and beyond by sending a text that read, “Hahahah fuckkkkkk” twice, rather than the more standard one time. Her reasoning? It didn’t look like the first text had sent. Incredible!


Maxwell was responding to her friend Bryson’s anecdote about accidentally texting his boss the thing he meant to text about his boss. When asked about her choice of “Hahahah fuckkkkkk,” Maxwell explained that “it was both funny and, like, a bad thing that happened.”


According to Maxwell, her text didn’t say “delivered” as fast as it usually does, which she suspects had something to do with the fact that she was walking down the subway stairs at the time. While some might have left it at that, the ever-persistent Maxwell didn’t want to risk her message of “Hahahah fuckkkkkk” being lost forever.


“I didn’t think it had sent, so I tried again,” Maxwell said, defensively. She retyped her message, K’s and “hah”s in all, even rejecting autocorrect’s attempt to change her message to “Hahah duck.”



Unfortunately for Maxwell, Bryson received two texts, one reading “Hahahah fuckkkkkk” and the other “Hahahah fuckkkkk.”


“I knew what had happened immediately,” Bryson says. “She didn’t think it sent, so she typed the whole thing out again, the poor obsessive thing. I knew it wasn’t her phone sending the same text twice either, because of the difference in the amount of K’s.”


This isn’t the first time that Maxwell has truly committed to sending a specific text: There was the time that she told her boyfriend she was upset because he seemed to care more about his baby niece than her and then doubled down by typing out the whole thing again, or the notable instance when she prevented autocorrect from turning “gooooooooood” into “good” 14 times in a row.


As for how she plans on dealing with this most recent incident, Maxwell plans on texting Bryson that her phone does this weird thing where it sends things twice and then texting him again that her phone does this weird thing where it sends things twice.


“I hope he doesn’t notice the discrepancy in the amount of k’s,” she says.