Wow! This Woman Got a 32 On Her ACT and Still Brings It Up Constantly!

Elsa Burns understands the practice of self-love. That’s why she still brings up her impressive ACT score from over 15 years ago!


“I got a 32 on the ACT,” Elsa explains to anyone who will listen, including coworkers, mailmen, and her local grocer.


“I didn’t even take the ACTs,” says friend, Allen Bell. “So I had no idea that was a good score. But I guess it is or she wouldn’t have told me five times now.”


The Princeton Review describes a score of 27 on the ACTs as “above average,” so it’s pretty impressive that Elsa could score as high as a 32! Even if it did happen in 2001, it’s still an impressive feat worth mentioning at every opportunity!



“Yeah it’s pretty cool, I guess,” says the humble Elsa, who recently told her gynecologist about the score. “I don’t know, I mean, if you put much stock in standardized tests.”


We do! And wow – 32 is a really good score!