Amazing! This 18-Year-Old Became Mayor of Her Hometown And Never Even Played SimCity

Devonsha Brown recently became the youngest mayor of Lockton, Ohio! We’re completely blown away that this young woman was able to launch a successful campaign for mayor of this city with a population of over 82,000 people, especially in spite of having never played the popular computer game, SimCity.


We’re amazed that anybody could accomplish this feat!


Brown expressed an interest in politics from a very young age: When she was only 12 years old, she wanted to get a crumbling basketball court on her block rehabilitated and raised funds to get it fixed. In spite of all that, she was somehow never introduced to SimCity, in which users are able to found and develop their own city, complete with development zones, residential zones, commercial zones, and industrial zones to hone in their mayoral skills on a large scale.


We’re confident this young woman will do Lockton proud! Especially because she somehow understands aspects of how to run a city without having played this game.


Brown plans to have her city put together a stronger disaster plan for natural disasters, like floods and tornados. This, despite having never experienced the heartbreak and utter frustration of a SimCity earthquake.



We have no idea where she gets her ideas! Does she have her own secret advisor named Alien?


We’re truly in awe of the power Brown has demonstrated in the power of hard work and putting your mind to something! Not only has she never played SimCity, but she’s somehow never played any of the other Sim games either, not even The Sims.


Good for you, Devonsha!