Wow! This Woman Double-Checked to Make Sure She Sent That Text to the Right Person

If you’re looking for a #WCW this week, look no further: This woman just sent a text message and then, three minutes later, did a quick check just to make sure she sent that text to the right person. Amazing!


Joanna Barbra sent a text and wow, just minutes later, she freaked out, thinking she may have sent it to the person it was ABOUT instead of the person it was for and for a brief moment, she saw her life crumble before her.


Barbra even thought of three different ways to explain herself out of it all, including claiming she wasn’t talking about that person, even though the text message included their full name.


“I really thought this might be the end of me,” recalled Barbra after her amazing feat. “Thank god I was in the clear. That would have been really bad.”



Lucky for Barbra, the message was sent to the right person. It turns out she is just super paranoid and usually very careless.


“I saw that the message had sent to the right person, but then I was like ‘OMG, what if I accidentally copy/pasted it to the wrong person and sent it to them, too?’ So I checked the texts to the person it was about and luckily, I haven’t texted her in days. Also, the last thing she said to me was so annoying that I composed another text about her and carefully sent it via email to the intended recipient instead.”


So inspiring!


After confirming she made no mistake, Barbra checked back to the message periodically to make sure she wasn’t wrong the first time she checked. She wasn’t. What a hero.


At press time, Barbra still hadn’t received a response to the text, and was secretly wondering if the friend she was texting sent a response to the wrong person, too.