Wow! This Woman Crafted the Perfect Response to a Twitter Troll When She Could’ve Been Enjoying Time With Her Family

Some people say, “Don’t feed the trolls,” but Mischa Renault, or @M1SCH4R as she’s known on Twitter, knows that doesn’t mean you can’t leave them with a sick burn! And burn she did, staying in front of her computer all night owning him, when she could’ve been enjoying a pleasant evening with her family.


Renault was visiting family in Virginia when she made the incendiary tweet, and the trolls came trolling almost immediately with tweets like ‘U SUCK’ and ‘FUCK YOU BITCH.’ Renault then hunched over her keyboard for almost an hour while missing her mother’s birthday celebration in the other room.


Wow! What an impressive amount of dedication to an affront so small.


Though Renault’s mother was turning 60 after having recently beaten cancer, Renault knew the sickest of burns was in order and the party would have to wait.


She briefly considered attacking @donluvrmaga for his Twitter icon, which was an image of a cartoon bird. Then she thought about schooling him on the fact that the image in her own icon was actually famed poet Anne Sexton, but decided against that too, as it might require a thread of several tweets she couldn’t guarantee he would read. In the other room, Renault’s family shared old family stories, many of which had never been told before.



After briefly joining the party to retrieve some cake to fuel her efforts and brushing off her family’s efforts to get her to participate in a game of Quiplash with the explanation that she had to do “a quick thing for work,” Renault sat down


to screenshot one of @donluvrmaga’s old tweets about video games and pair it with the caption, “Make America 8 again.” Renault then joined her family, victorious, but has only received three likes so far.


“It was worth it,” Renault says. “Trolls need to learn, you shouldn’t dish it out unless you can take it.”


Pressed for comment, Renault’s mother says she hopes her daughter’s work crisis has blown over because, “She works so hard and we miss her.”