I May Not Be the Prettiest Girl at The Bar, but I’m Also Not The Smartest

Putting yourself out there can be hard – especially when you’re someone who is constantly comparing yourself to other women. I’m trying to put myself out there a little more these days, because I’ve come to accept my shortcomings as well as my strengths. Sure, I may not be the prettiest girl at the bar, but you know what? I’m also not the smartest.


I’m done standing back quietly while other, more conventionally attractive girls find love. After all, making a real connection with another human being is about more than just looks. For example, a lot of people in this bar will value intelligent conversation over a pretty face, and I just happen to have neither of those things really going for me right now.


That’s just something I’ve learned to love about myself.


Now, I’m not saying I’m dumb: I have a job and a degree! But am I the smartest girl in this bar? DEFINITELY not. Am I the most beautiful? Wow – not by a long shot. If what you’re looking for is “very pretty” or “extremely smart” you should check out those girls over there. Like I don’t need to hand out an IQ test, but there’s no way I’m the smartest girl here. Last week I was playing a trivia game with my friends and I thought chickens were mammals. Hahaha dumb right?!



The point is, no woman is just one thing. We all have multitudes – am I using that word correctly? Multitudes? Anyway, we’re more than just our faces and bodies. Like I’m also fierce, brave and funny! Am I the the fiercest, bravest or funniest girl at this specific bar? Fuck no. Maybe at another bar but honestly, probably not! And that’s okay. That’s feminism. I think. I don’t know.


When it comes down to it, we should all be grateful for what we have and learn to love ourselves for who we are. I don’t have to be the most gorgeous girl at this bar to know that I deserve love, and will love someone more fiercely than anybody else. And I don’t have to be the smartest girl at this bar to see that every woman deserves love. And it’s a good thing, too, because I am definitely neither of those things. Not even close!