Mommy Blogger Fed Up with Boring Family

Samantha Jaydiel, the once-popular mommy blogger of the website, “Just a Slice of Us,” told sources earlier last week that her small family’s inability to “do anything even remotely interesting” has left her with no choice but to give up blogging until they turn around.


The blog, which was once vibrant and alive with posts of her children’s homeschool activities, coupon giveaways, and personal stories about keeping off the baby weight has become a wasteland of Nietzsche quotes, long political rants, and the occasional strained attempt to wring anything noteworthy out of the day-to-day life in the Jaydiel household.



“We went to the beach this weekend, and you’d think that would at least yield a cute photo op, but the kids did literally nothing for the first hour – just sat there and stared at the ocean – then it started raining.”


The blog describes Jaydiel’s current situation as “dire” and “plagued with ennui” as her children sit through the week’s fifth showing of the same episode of Dora the Explorer.


In an apparent cry for help, the site is updated daily and can be found at