Statement Necklaces that Say, ‘This Is A Super Boring Shirt’

Plenty of jewelry offers you a chance to make a statement, but none do it as boldly as the statement necklace. Here are six options that make sure that statement is “My shirt is super boring and this is how I’m compensating for it.”



Factory Crystal Floral Statement Necklace (J Crew, $24.99)

This classic piece is perfect for making a fashion statement when you know your solid green tank top just isn’t cutting it. The deluxe extender chain lets you adjust the length and you show that fun, easy-going, malleable side of yourself that a jewel tone itself cannot convey. Your shirt might be boring as hell, but this necklace is a great last-ditch effort!


Turquoise bead and feather ETSY

Turquoise Bead and Feather Statement Neckace (Sistersofsummer on Etsy, $20.00)  

This short and sweet-looking choker has all the color and texture that your stupid gray t-shirt lacks. It’s surprising, it’s daring, and it’s cultural appropriative! Add a few bangles and some dream catcher earrings and you’ll have people saying, “Wow, Vicki, I’m not sure that’s okay,” instead of the more boring, “How was your weekend?” that you usually get. Keep it up, you conversation starter!



Crystal Repunzel Bib

Crystal Repunzel Bib (Bauble Bar, $34.00)

Kate Middleton doesn’t own any boring shirts, but if she did, you can bet she’d be dressing them up with these royal-worthy glass gems. Your sparkly accent will have coworkers complimenting you all day instead of confusing you with Paul from HR. You’re just so regal and fascinating, sort of!


Rayne Necklace in Variagated Teal Magnecite

Rayne Necklace in Verigated Teal Magnicite (Kendra Scott, $80.00)

This piece is so simple and understated, and will immediately have people wondering who the intriguing new librarian in the office is! Everyone will be so busy wondering which of the Brontë sisters you prefer, they won’t even notice that your shirt is kind of boring and also weird at the same time. This necklace is perfect for holding pensively in your hands as you muse about all of your worldly travels and whether or not the Pulitzer committee has lost their authority. Your way of seeing the world is so unique!!


Fashion Retro Hyperbolic Multi Layer Statement Necklace

Fashion Retro Hyperbolic Multilayer Statement Necklace (, $29.99)

Never worry about blending in to the airport security line ever again with this ambitious piece that will have everyone else on your flight thinking to themselves “Now there’s a fancy traveler!” Yes, you’ll have to walk through the metal detector in a boring black halter, but the stun of your post-security transformation will have them wondering, “Who’s that girl?” Way to keep them guessing!


Sometimes your shirts are boring, but you sure as heck aren’t! Grab one or all of these statement necklaces to make sure the world knows you’re a complicated and multi-faceted individual even if you buy your shirts on clearance in the “basics” section.