4 Sneakers that Say, ‘I Wear Pigtails Whenever I Sports!’

You need footwear that’s trying to be athletic just as hard as you are. Here are the perfect sneakers that let everyone know that you totally do sports, but only with an adorable tuft of hair on each side of your head!



Electric Styles Light Up Shoes

Electric Styles Light Up Shoe – High Top Bolt
These fashion high tops have soles that light up–perfect for making a statement at the club or adding a little flavor to your daily stroll through Juice Generation. But they also let everyone know that you’re down for some late night sportsing. You’ll be the one with a glow in the dark sports bra and two ponytails hanging above your ears. Go team!


Nike Women's Dunk

Nike Women’s Dunk Sky Hi Casual Sneakers from Finish Line
A shiny Nike swoosh?! Yes, please! These high-fashion gems from Nike have a concealed wedge that gives you all the butt lift and calf definition of a heel while giving you that sporty edge because helloooo, they’re NIKE! These shoes scream, “I’m totally down to punt a few goals later, just let me grab both my scrunchies and make my hair look like two old-timey doorbells!”


Material girl
Material Girl Everet High-Top Sneakers, from Macy’s
These sneakers have zippers, laces, and flowers on them so everyone better believe that you’re fun and well-rounded. The thick, white sole shouts loud and clear that you’re ready to take on muddy game court diamonds with your game face and two matching brain pom poms with coordinating ribbons. Soooo sporty!




Maison Margiela Transparent “Future” Ankle-Strap Sneakers
These $1200 sneakers are the perfect way to let everyone know that you’re sporty, but also much more stylish than you are sporty. Wear them to dress up a nice pair of yoga pants on “not-actually-gonna-do-yoga-today” days or to dress down a little black dress at a black tie event. The shiny red patent leather will turn heads and let people know you’re a part-time sports doer who’s down for shooting late night “hoops” by the pool. You’ll just need a sec to put your tresses up like head handle-bars.


Any of these stylish sneakers have the perfect ratio of sporty to super impractical in a way that reassures everyone that they’ll never catch you sportsing without two simultaneous and symmetrically situated hair ropes sticking out of your skull. Now, play ball!