Woman Completes 500 Hours Of Considering Doing Yoga Teacher Training

In a recent, hard-won life milestone, Boston resident Kaitlyn Cooper has finally completed 500 hours of strongly considering signing up for her yoga teacher certification.


“I became interested in yoga teacher training about a two years ago,” said Kaitlyn. “And now I’ve been thinking about doing it for 500 hours. I’m very proud of myself.”


Kaitlyn, who has not taken any concrete steps to actually pursuing yoga teacher training, went on to explain how she arrived at such a feat.


“I was looking for a new career,” said Kaitlyn. “People were always like, ‘You should consider yoga teacher training.’ So I did. I considered it for 500 hours.”


“It really just takes discipline, you have to commit to thinking about it for a few hours every single day,” she added.


Friends and family are less than impressed by Kaitlyn’s efforts.


“She’s been talking about how she’s thinking about doing the yoga teacher training for, like, two years now,” said Ruby Wells, a close friend. “She could’ve been done with some actual training by now. But she’s never even so much as googled training classes close to us. I don’t know why she’s celebrating this.”


“We’ve offered to pay for her classes,” said Milton and Kimberly Cooper, Kaitlyn’s parents. “It seems like she doesn’t actually want to to do yoga though, she just wants to think about it.”


Still, Kaitlyn is basking in the glory of her non-accomplishment.



“It took a lot of work to get to this point,” said Kaitlyn. “But if I can do this, anyone can.”


When asked if she planned on moving forward with completing an actual yoga teacher training, Kaitlyn insisted that she’ll “have to take some time to think about it.”