How To Tell If You Just Got Your Period or If It’s Just the UPS Guy in His Tight Shorts Again

Vaginas are unpredictable, and our period can come when you least expect it! So when you feel that familiar moisture in your pants, how do you determine whether you need to run to the bathroom and try to save your underwear, or if it’s just the UPS guy walking by in his tight shorts that’s causing you to cream your pants! Find out if it’s just your period or if you should stay a minute to ogle him until he turns the corner.


Determine whether the UPS guy is around.

Did the UPS guy just walk by in his tight shorts? If so, that’s a good indicator that maybe this isn’t your period… this time. Enjoy those beautiful quads while you have the chance – it’s almost pants season!


Ask yourself whether the UPS guy is wearing shorts.

If the UPS guy is around, check to see if he’s wearing those shorts. If it’s winter and he’s wearing pants, it might not be those strong, sturdy legs making you moist. But if his well-hugged butt is in view, it still could be the culprit!


Try to remember when you last got your period.

Think quick – did you get your period last week or a few weeks ago? It’s so hard to remember. If it’s feeling foggy and the UPS guy isn’t in front of you, you should probably start heading for the bathroom to contain this shit. Sorry.


Just go check already.

Okay, once all UPS hotties are safely out of view, it’s time to go survey the damage. Maybe you caught another strong hunk passing by or lighting up your TV screen, but either way, at some point you need to see if your undies are ruined. We hope you’re just aroused, but either way, it happens to the best of us! Go on and get it over with.



Wet is wet, and there’s really no sure way of knowing if your pants are damp due to the delivery man’s strong walking legs, or the return of your monthly curse. We sure hope it’s the former!