Hottest Fashion Week Trend: Bones

fashion week bones

While cinch-waist coats, sculptural silhouettes, and being white are really trending this season, a true classic has been reborn: bones. And not just the late nineties go-to’s like clavicles, hips, and cheeks – here are this season’s newest, hottest bones:

1. Sockets

Beautiful eyes are always a statement piece, but true elegance lies beneath – in the sockets. Eye sockets on the runways have been deep, pointy, and frightening, pairing well with the darker, gothic trends we’re seeing this year. So haute!

2. Coccyges

Tailbones pressing tautly against your skin or slightly jutting outward highlight some of the form-fitting pieces we’re seeing on the runway. Work it! But not too hard, or you’ll pass out.


3. Back Ribs

Front ribs are out. Back ribs? Out in the open, please! This look might be hard to achieve but are getting plenty of attention from the likes of Philip Lim, Herve Leger, and more. Get ready to answer the burning question: “Are you a model newly arrived from the developing world?”

4. Pubis Bones

You couldn’t throw a Metamucil packet without hitting a pubis bone on the runway this year. What could be a more feminine way to express yourself and show you’re a fashionable woman than to have your actual vagina bone protruding from your body!?

5. Stomach Bones

Stomach bones were, hands down, the “it” girl this season. Can’t see them yet? Keep working.
That’s my report from fashion’s front lines at New York Fashion Week. We hope to see a lot less of you on the streets this fall!