Man Generously Offers Not to Judge Woman He’s Trying to Fuck

Earlier this week, 27-year-old Jeremiah Grant generously offered not to pass judgment on the woman he was actively trying to have sex with. After telling her, “Don’t worry, I won’t judge you,” line as an assurance of his gentlemanly intentions in fucking her exactly once.


“I was like, ‘What an asshole.’ He’s the one trying to fuck me!” says Laura Shepard, the woman in question. But Grant just wants her to know that he’s not that kind of guy.


“I try to be generous with women, because sometimes they’ll receive judgment for having a one-night stand with a man. I’m more thoughtful than that though. I will absolutely not call you a slut if it means keeping the door open for you to feel comfortable sleeping with me again.”


Shepard chose not to sleep with Grant, nor did she appreciate the kindness of his offer.


“Gosh, it’s not everyday you meet a man who agrees not to humiliate you for fucking him,” she sighs. “I guess that’s… something.”


Grant disagrees. “I was just letting Laura know that even though I have the power to degrade her, I wasn’t going to use it unless she said no. So ‘yes’ was probably the better option for her to take.”



Grant’s willingness to give women a pass as long as they agree to sleep with him is a display of generosity at its finest.


“I still can’t believe that’s it,” says Grant, after being turned down. “I mean, I’m offering her immunity from slut-shaming as long as she puts out! Even when I tell my friends about it, I’ll be super classy. I mean, that’s feminism.”


Grant clarifies his offer extends not only to Shepard, but to any and all women who would do him the courtesy of fucking him. In exchange, he will not judge them for doing the very thing he begged them to do.


At the conclusion of the interview, Grant could be overheard trying to convince a woman to fuck him by reassuring her she could “…blame it on the drink.”