Man Claims ‘She’s Like a Sister To Me!’ About Woman He Would Definitely Fuck

When asked whether his close friendship with Isabel Gordon had any romantic underpinnings, 27-year-old Carter Brooks said “What? Isabel? No, haha, she’s like a sister to me!” even though she is a woman he would definitely fuck if the opportunity arose.


The two have been friends since college, but were quick to dispel rumors that they date. They’ve both let people know that despite how much they hang out and how much they touch each other when together, the relationship is strictly platonic.


“Carter’s like family, honestly,” says Isabel. “People always think we’re dating, but I think that’s just because people aren’t used to seeing male-female friendships. It’s heteronormative to read something more into our relationship.”


“Dude, ew, she’s actually like my sister. I don’t think about her sexually,” says Carter. “Except when I do which I only do because she’s hot and if she wanted to fuck me I would definitely do it.”


While this logic makes sense to Carter, others are still struggling to understand their relationship.


“I was dating Carter for a few weeks and then he introduced me to Isabel,” says Molly Henry. “I was like, ‘Are you in love with her’ and he laughed for like five minutes. Then I asked if they’d ever fucked and he was like, ‘Absolutely not. Wait. Did she say she wanted to though?’”


Friends of the pair have been quick to notice Carter’s hypocritical views on his so-called BFF.


“Yeah, I feel like Carter comparing Isabel to a sister is super inaccurate, probably because he doesn’t actually have any siblings,” says Vinny Park. “I have never ever wanted to fuck my sister. That’s so gross. You don’t have to date Isabel, but you cannot call that woman you are clearly attracted to a family member.”



“She just knows me too well,’” says Carter. “But I’d definitely like, want to hook up if that was ever on the table. Which it’s not. But if it was I’d do it. Except for she’s also like a mother to me.”