How To Enjoy BJs More By Eating Dick With All The Fixin’s

While most men love a good blowjob, for women, the act of giving one can often feel like a chore. Penises are just super bland! So use your culinary side to spice things up in the bedroom by first spicing up that dick! Here’s how to enjoy BJ’s more by eating dick with lots of fixin’s that’ll make you say, “mm, mm, mmm!”


Decide What You Want To Eat

Are you craving a Frito Pie dick or a Bahn Mi dick? There’s no right answer here, but making the tough decision of what you’d like to eat ahead of time will help prepare you for garnishing that dick the day of. Keep in mind that this is the only part of the BJ that is all about you so give yourself permission to go wild with all those fixin’s! Just be careful of spicy stuff, because nobody likes a burny penis.


Make A Grocery List

A little prep ahead of time goes a long way! Write down all the exciting ingredients you plan to smother on his D, whether it be nacho cheese or mouthwatering brown gravy. Don’t forget to bring this list with you to the grocery store! You don’t want to be all the way into the middle of a BJ before you realize you forgot the crispy onion bits! And don’t obsess over being healthy and having all five food groups represented – this is your time to be naughty and satisfy those weird cravings!


Dress up that D

Not only is this a tantalizing act of foreplay, but it’s also your chance to make the culinary creation of your dreams! The longer it takes to apply the shredded cheese, guacamole, and jalapenos onto his peen, the better. It’ll drive him crazy and besides, you deserve some generous portions!


Chow Down

Lick his dick, use your hands, play with his balls – anything to get all those delicious morsels into your mouth. Finally, both of you can leave satiated and ready for a long nap now that you’ve gobbled up all those delicious dick fixin’s.



Yum! Lick your fingers and break out the sanitary wipes because you’ve just given a solid blowjob and eaten a delicious meal. With all those fixin’s decorating his weiner, BJ’s will be more fun for you and have your partner cheering, “Bone Appetit!”