6 Sex Positions that Will Make Him Say ‘That’s a Spicy Meatball’

If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom, these tasty moves will have him begging for a hot an-a-spicy lil’ pepperoni! Trying out one of these sex position and you’ll have him licking his lips and kissing his fingers, shouting “That’s a spicy meatball” so loudly they’ll hear it all the way in Italia. Molto bene!


The Handjob


Start by applying lube to his shaft and head. Use one hand and begin to slowly move your hand up and down him. If this sounds daunting, just twirl his dick around like a piece of spaghetti around a fork! Feel free to take a little nibble of this tasty piatto while you’re at it. He won’t be able to resist snapping his little suspenders and erupting in cries of “Mmmm, Parmeggiano Reggiano, now that’s a spicy meatball!”


Doggy Style


If you’re looking to have a bonna notte, look no further than this sensual maneuver that has you and your partner folded up together like a steamy hot pocket. Have your man enter you from behind and do you from behind. You may feel worried that this position is a lot, but just remember you’re a lil’ spicy meaty ball that’ll have him shouting “Holy Cannoli, you are spicy and a meatball!” in no time! This makes sense!


The Dickmaster


Tell your man it’s time for him to lie back and let you do all the work. Place a large white chef’s hat on your head and start kneading his dick like it’s fresh pizza dough. Use your knuckles and really get into it. Why not, considering you are the spiciest Italiano ball of beef! As you smash and spread his dick back and forth he’ll be twirling his thick lil’ mustache in pleasure, screaming, “Bruschetta, PRONTO!”


The Trevi Fountain Fuck


Join your boo in the shower for this historic naughty position that will bring luck to you both. Face the shower wall and have your man push up against your back. Make a wish and throw a handful of pennies behind you as he enters you from behind. Keep throwing those coins at his head until he’s gesticulating wildly and saying, “WAZZA MATTA WIT YOU?” or “WHY MY MEATBALL THROWING MONEY AT MY FACE?” You’re bad!


The Sexual Cappuccino


Sometimes you need a quickie to get you through this day and this speedy move will give you and your hunk the energy boost you need. Lie back on the corner of your bed and have your partner stand in front of you. Fuck quickly until his dick feels so good he slaps his knee and cries, “FUHGEDDABOUTIT!” Mamma Meatball!




Keep it simple and do it with you lying down and him on top. But make it Italian! Keep screaming, “Viva Italia!” until he shrieks, “Gabbagool! Meatballo yumma!”



No need to travel across the Atlantic Ocean to be the biggest spicy meatball between the sheets. These positions will make him scream, “When the moon hits your eye like a big pizza pie!” guaranteed. Now that’s what I call amore – and a great fuck!