4 Weird First Date Moments to Make Him Say, ‘No, No, You’re Totally Fine’  

Going on first dates can be nervewracking, but it’s always enjoyable to have a chat with someone new and get to know them a bit better. Of course, knowing you, you won’t say normal things and you’ll definitely tread into awkward territory because you have no filter and are scared of intimacy! Here are four weird first date moments to make him say, “No, no, no, you’re totally fine, ha ha.” Sound familiar?


Bringing up someone he used to date that you sort of know.

So you did the thing you were worried you were going to do and brought up his ex who you sort of worked with on your very first date with him. Classic you! You surely had no plan to bring her up, but hey, you did anyway! But don’t worry, after you have a freakout that your pre-date stalking of him was unchill, he’ll respond with a good ol’ “Hey, hey, you’re totally fine. Ha.” Don’t worry, he says you’re totally fine!


Comparing his grandma’s death to the death of your cat.

Wow, he’s being emotionally vulnerable telling you about his grandma who recently passed. It sounds like this date is going well! In an effort to relate, you brought up your childhood cat who died when you were nine. Yikes, you obviously know that cats and people aren’t the same! When you apologize for comparing his grandmother’s death to your cat’s, he responded with the classic “No, that’s okay, uhm, they are different for sure, but you’re totally good. No worries.” If he says it, it must be true!!


Trashing vegans only to find he’s vegan.

Vegans are insane and everyone knows that. No cheese? Insane! You decided to dive headfirst into your well-rehearsed rant about the veggie lovers, only to be interrupted by him saying, “Sorry, I should stop you, I’m a vegan.” When you say you’re so sorry and that you’re extremely stupid, he chuckles and says, “No no, you’re good, it happens all the time,” before glancing at the clock on the wall and wishing to perish in that very moment. Definitely a second date on the horizon!



Talking for too long about the weird smell in your apartment.

You think it’s quirky but it’s actually disgusting! You talking about the weird smell coming from the walls in your apartment is frankly disgusting. But when you apologize for being absolutely grossed and honestly weird, he comes at you with a little, “Oh no no, we should get to the bottom of this. Ha. But maybe another night. Haha.” This guy will probably have sex with you!


These are some pretty bad first date moments that will definitely have him saying, “Haha, no no, you’re totally good, no sweat.” And if you have good first dates, then you don’t what this is like. And honestly, you’re missing out!!