4 Creative First Date Ideas That’ll Make Him Say, ‘Oh, Wow, That’s A Lot’

Why go to the movies or get drinks on a first date when you can get creative? If you want to take your dating game to the next level, here are four creative first date ideas that are so extra, they will make him step away and say, “Oh, wow, that’s a lot…”


A Public Bathhouse

Yep, bathhouses are still a thing! And they are a perfectly wild first date choice. You guys can pretend you’re in Ancient Rome, which is very fun, especially when you’re getting to know someone. He won’t be sure if you’re trying to be different or if you’re just always this freaky, so go soak naked together along with a dozen naked elderly people! When you grab a body brush to scrub his dead skin cells off, you’ll definitely have him saying, “Oh, wow. Uhm… This is a lot for me.” Nailed it!



The Laundromat

Grab your hamper full of dirty clothes and meet up with your date at a laundromat. Trade bags, and go through each item sorting darks, lights and delicates. Your period-drenched undies will definitely have him saying, “Woah. This is, like, a lot for a first date?” It IS a lot, isn’t it? You are the most creative lady!


Broadway, But Just the Street Itself

Does he think he just got invited to a Broadway show? Wrong! He just got invited to a very long walk down Broadway, the 13-mile long street that takes most of the day to walk. This will really give you time to get to know each other on a deeper level. And if the date goes well, why stop at city limits! Broadway keeps going through upstate New York, so tack on another 18 miles if you’re enjoying each other’s company. You’ll have him saying, “Oh, wow, this is way too much for me right now” in no time. Best. Date. Ever!


Companion Burial Plots

Take him on a drive to your family’s cemetery, and show him where you two will be buried together if he ends up being “the one”. This will definitely bring you two together, because you didn’t know each other at all before. When you show him where his dead body could very well decompose, he’ll probably say something like, “Oh god, please, just take me home, this is freaking me out.” Maybe he didn’t realize you weren’t one of those boring girls, lol!


And if he’s not into any of these ideas, he’s definitely not a creative match for you. Because, to be clear, you’re the most creative!