5 Fun Fall Activities You Could Do Instead of Trying to Fix Him

Autumn is upon us and you know what that means: It’s time to spend most of fall trying to transform a subpar guy who doesn’t appreciate you into to an emotionally healthy romantic partner. But maybe this year, you could do these five fun fall activities instead of trying to fix a man who doesn’t put any effort into fixing himself. You pick!



Whether you’re picking them from fields, gutting them for seeds, or making them into pumpkins with faces, pumpkins are an autumnal delight! You’ll find that carving a new personality into a pumpkin is much easier than molding the sub par personality of a guy who says things like, “What is even the point of pumpkins?” and “Why bother to apply for this job? They’ll probably just tell me I’m overqualified.” You’ll quickly find that doing shit to pumpkins is much more satisfying than teaching him how to put the smallest amount of effort into the things he claims to care about.



Homemade Spiked Apple Cider

Let the warm scent of apples and cinnamon waft through your home by making an apple cider recipe spiked with gin. You can find the Pinterest recipe during your free time between teaching him how to cope with his feelings and teaching him how to hang a towel not on the ground. Or you could just not teach him anything, drink some of that spiked apple cider and go out having a great night with your friends. Maybe you’ll even meet someone that has at some point had some intention of trying to improve himself and you can have fun together or something?


Leaf Crafts

Pressing leaves onto a notebook or sheet of paper can really give a colorful fall vibe to your everyday things. Some people find it to be a waste of time, but so is trying to change a man who will never truly be able to share his feelings. And leaves are prettier than he is, anyway! You’re welcome to continue to spend all of your time doing the emotional heavy lifting for the both of you, or you could press some leaves! Come on, you deserve some pretty leaf-covered shit!


Haunted House

Literally screaming in fear for a half hour is better for you than staying up all night giving him long talks about how great he is that he will immediately forget. What’s scarier: the idea of a dead corpse falling in front of you unexpectedly, or settling for someone who doesn’t deserve you? Again, the decision is yours, but remember that dumb fall stuff is much more delightful than unnecessarily complicated relationships.


These are just a few of the many things you could do instead of trying to fix a man who doesn’t deserve you. There are also plenty of things to do in spring. And also summer and winter, too. Almost anything is a better use of your time, so go out there and do shit instead of taking shit.