5 Flirty Behaviors That’ll Have Him Thinking You’re Trying to Pickpocket Him

It can be hard to let someone know that you’re into them, but the lost art of flirting can let him know that you’re into him – or make him think you’re practicing another lost art – pickpocketing. If you’re looking for ways to show him how you feel, here are some foolproof flirting techniques that will maybe also make him think you’re a cunning lil’ pickpocket looking to steal whatever she can.


Ask for Their Name

This immediately makes the conversation personal and much deeper, and a naughty, dastardly pickpocket would never do that – or would they?


Maintain Close Bodily Contact

Did you run into your crush while on the train? Maintain a calm closeness that will make him think either, “Wow, she looks like she wants to kiss me,” or “Is my wallet still there? Yes. Thank God.” Keep him on his toes!


Don’t Break Eye Contact

Eye contact is super important when showing someone that you’re interested. It will encourage him to do the same, which makes for an instant connection! It will also make him consider that your arm is free to reach around and grab his wallet out of his messenger bag if you really wanted to – he was robbed once before so he really has his guard up.



Lightly Touch His Arm

The key to a light touch is to make it feel spontaneous and natural, and show you’re not uncomfortable with making close contact. It will also make him wonder if this is just like the last expert pickpocketer experience he had and you’re trying to distract him while you steal his finest ballpoint pen from his breast pocket. Either way, he’ll be impressed!


Steal His Wallet

This still counts as flirting, and he will definitely think you’re pickpocketing him…if you let him J.


Flirty behavior is a surefire way to let someone know that you’re interested in them ….or their petty cash. Who’s to say which is the case? We sure aren’t! Get ‘em, girl!