QUIZ: Is He Flirting With You Or Just Using Gmail Autocomplete?

With so many ways to chat, digital communication has never been more unclear. And there is nothing that twists men’s words into a foggy mess of vague positivity like Gmail’s autocomplete feature. With options to quickly respond to any email with “Okay!” or “Haha, I’ll circle back!” it’s become more confusing than ever to tell whether your coworkers are harboring a secret crush on you. Concerned that you’re missing out on connecting with the love of your life over Gmail? Take this quiz to find out if he’s flirting with you or just hitting tab!

It’s Monday morning and Derek emails you. Does it:
A) Sound like a generic, run-of-the-mill email about your work performance?
B) Sound like a generic, run-of-the-mill email about your work performance, but did he say something like, “Awesome, thanks”? Kinda flirty if you ask us.

A client who made eye contact with you at a meeting last week emails you with the subject line “Just following up.” When you read it, does it sound like:
A) He’s just following up?
B) He’s ready to leave his live-in girlfriend with that “that would be great :).”

You send a lengthy email to Alan — with multiple paragraphs you had five other friends proofread — and he responds with “Okay. Sounds good.” Is your gut emotional reaction:
A) “Sounds good, thanks!”? Like the Gmail autocomplete you get all the time from everyone?
B) “Sounds good”?! You know what that fucking means! It’s sooooo on, Alan.

You’ve been emailing with Billy about your annoying boss. You make a killer zinger and Billy hits you back three hours later with a “Haha! You’re so right!” Should you:
A) Leave it as is, that’s the natural end of the conversation and he used a quick automated reply, clearly.
B) Obsess over it for hours. There is no way Gmail could have suggested that. “Haha” is so colloquial!




Mostly A’s: He is not flirting with you.
Okay, great! You understand how basic email communication works! You fun business bitch!

Mostly B’s: He still isn’t flirting with you, this is just some autocomplete stuff.
Okay, you’ve got a bit to learn about how Gmail works! But, honestly, some of those emails do come off kinda flirty. There’s really no way to know for sure whether he’s not in love with you unless you read too much into it!