Quiz: Is He Flirting, Or Is He Yet Another Democratic Presidential Candidate?

It’s natural to be taken in by an enthusiastic display of passion from an intelligent, attractive and charming young man. But how can you tell if he’s really flirting with you or if he’s just another candidate for the 2020 presidential election? Take this quiz to find out:


When you tell him about your recent troubles, he responds…

A) “Oh man, that’s really tough. A sweet girl like you doesn’t deserve that!”

B) “Your struggles make it clear that our public infrastructure is really broken. Americans deserve better!”


When you ask him about his interests, he says he…

A) Likes to go out and have fun – bars, baseball games, whatever you’re down for!

B) Loves to be out among the people, hopping on counters and pressing the flesh.


When you ask for his thoughts on smoking a joint, he says…

A) “We should get high.”

B) “We should legalize it.”


In his opinion, the best college is…

A) Harvard!

B) A free college (but yeah, he did go to Harvard).


When you tell him about your apartment, he first asks…

A) If he could come see it some time.

B) How many people you think you could fit for a meet & greet.


If you got…


Mostly A’s – Congrats! He seems into you.

This guy seems genuinely interested in getting to you as a person. This might be real flirting!



Mostly B’s – Sorry dude, he’s running for prez.

Unfortunately this guy only sees you as a potential constituent. He’s more interested in getting you into a poll booth than he is getting you into bed!