Uh-Oh! Boyfriend Considering a Polo Shirt

In a troubling development, it is being reported that Alex is considering purchasing a polo shirt from J. Crew.


The incident began Saturday afternoon when the you both arrived at the mall to do a bit of clothes shopping. Alex was reportedly tiring of his wardrobe and was looking for some new outfits, possibly a long-sleeve button down or a cardigan. Trouble arose almost immediately after entering J. Crew though, as Alex’s eye was immediately caught by a navy blue polo shirt on display.


He said, “You know, I actually kind of like this!” To which you replied, “Oh, really?’”


The shirt in question featured thin red and white stripes around the collar, as well as a small embroidery on the right side of the chest.


“It’s not like there’s anything wrong with buying a polo shirt,” You said. “But, still.”


Sources present tell us that you began doing your best to guide Alex towards some nice light sweaters in the back. However, you could not help but notice that his eyes continually wandered back towards the polo shirt in the front.


“It’s just, polo shirts aren’t quite back in style yet,” you whispered to us when he went to the changing room. “They’re close! Don’t get me wrong. They’re very close. But Alex is not exactly a trendsetter, so…”


Upon exiting the changing roon, Alex contended that the tight sleeves made his biceps look bigger. You contended that it was a polo shirt.



“Sure. It could it be worse, I guess?” you said. “He could decide he likes those sunglasses that clip around the back of your head.”