QUIZ: Is He Cute Or Does He Just Have Tattoos?

When the weather is good and people start showing some skin, it’s hard to get through the day without a cutie catching your eye. But with so many distractions, you have to suss out which ones are worth paying attention to and which ones just have tattoos. For each hottie, you must stop and ask yourself, is he really cute, or are does he just have a really good sleeve? Take this quiz to find out.


What’s his body type?

  1. A) Tall, broad, strong but not too muscly, great jawline.
  2. B) Not super sure – tatted? Like tatted AF.


Which part of him really caught your eye?

  1. A) That face! And the way his hair/eyes/cheekbones/beard really capped it off.
  2. B) Hmm…the compass on his forearm had really nice line quality and shading.


If you could compare him to a celebrity, he most reminds you of…

  1. A) Maybe Henry Golding, or Chris Pratt, or Idris Elba.
  2. B) Adam Levine’s torso.


Your sensory takeaway from encountering him is…

  1. A) His infectious laugh and incredible smile.
  2. B) The image of a lion, outlined in black with some orange shading.


If you were to give him your number you’d probably…

a.) Type it into his phone.

b.) Write it on the one spot of bare space on the back of his hand, so you can be just a small part of that incredible sleeve.



If you got…


Mostly A’s

Congrats! He seems totally cute! Good luck trying to engage with him or just admiring him from afar!


Mostly B’s

Sorry, this guy just has tattoos, which is fine if you’re into that. But maybe take a step back and assess the person underneath the body art for a second.