QUIZ: Is He Cute or Is He Just Tall and White?

man dude

When you finally meet someone who catches your eye, it can be hard to tell if the attraction you’re feeling is real at all. Is he really cute, or are you confusing his tallness and whiteness with being cute? Take this quiz to figure out if he’s a certified hottie or the unworthy beneficiary of this fucked up society’s beauty standards!


1. Does he most remind you of:

a.) The handsome leading man in a quippy romantic comedy

b.) Some player on a prep school’s varsity basketball team


2. Your friends would probably describe him as:

a.) Charming, interesting, and funny

b.) Good at reaching the good cereal on the top shelf in your kitchen


3. His skin is most reminiscent of:

a.) A velvet blanket, smooth and warm and comforting

b.) A jar of mayonnaise, bright white and a little clammy


4. When you’re together, you like that he makes you feel:

a.) Like the most interesting, most beautiful, most loved girl in the world

b.) Small, because he is very tall and somehow that is hot but no one is sure why



5. Your favorite thing about his face is:

a.) His sparkling eyes, his genuine smile, or his strong cheekbones

b.) How far you have to lean back your head to see it because he’s really very tall


6. You’re most likely to spot him:

a.) Shirtless on the beach with his friends, messing around with a soccer ball for fun

b.) Being rude to a waiter because he thinks he can


7. When flirts with you, he:

a.) Touches your arm, makes eye contact, and bites his lip.

b.) Plays devil’s advocate to most of the stuff you say.


If you got…


Mostly A’s: Congrats: He’s probably actually be cute! Here’s to your long relationship with this guy everyone thinks is great! Either way, bask in all his hot guy glory and your excellent taste.


Mostly B’s: Oh no! You’ve confused someone cute with someone who is simply tall and white! Don’t feel too badly — many women have fallen into this pernicious trap before. It’s how thousands of women in 2013 were tricked into thinking Benedict Cumberbatch was a sex symbol! Even though he is? Wow, this is confusing! Good luck!