How to Make Him Nut So Hard He Agrees with Your Assessment of ‘The Staircase’

No matter the disagreement, you and your partner are usually able to find common ground, but not when it comes to the 2004 French television miniseries about the trial of a Michael Peterson, who allegedly murdered his wife. In order to get back on track, you know you’re gonna have to give it to him so good that he’ll have to agree with your assessment of the complexities of the case. Here are a few surefire ways to make him nut so freaking hard that he agrees wholeheartedly with your nuanced opinions of The Staircase.


Try the cowgirl position.

If you’re looking for your man to nut hard and also agree that the Owl Theory is a legitimate explanation for Lacey’s death, climb on up there and let nature and gravity do their thing without apology! Guys love this position because it feels so good! Make him come, and then immediately grab his face and whisper, “He did it, you son of a bitch and you’re an idiot for doubting it for even one second!” He’ll agree with you 100%, probably because you’re still on top of him and he just came gallons!


Tie him up!

If he’s into it, tie him up to his headboard, take your time and give it to him nice and slowly. Do that dick all night long and right before he comes, scream into his ear, “HE DID IT AND THERE IS NO DOUBT IN MY MIND!” When he comes hard as heck he’ll be in such a daze that he’ll see your opinion as fact. Way to use sex for all the right reasons!!



Add someone else to the bedroom.

If he’s into three-ways, why not spice up your usual sex by adding a third person to the bedroom – preferably someone who shares your very correct opinions about The Staircase? He’ll be so overwhelmed at having two sexy bodies simultaneously wanting his jizz and his mind to change, that he’ll concede!


These soul-renewing moves will not only make him see your complicated but highly evolved and much more mature opinion about The Staircase, but will also make his dick explode! Yay, men are weak and will say anything after a good bang!