How to Make Him Nut So Hard He Turns Into a KIND Bar

Let’s get real: bringing your guy to orgasm every single time you have sex just isn’t enough anymore. You’ve gotta make him nut hard enough that he turns into a KIND bar. With these fun tips, one minute you’ll be having sex and the next he’ll be an apple cinnamon and pecan granola bar.


Pull His Hair

Get a little rough! When you’re in the middle of whatever overly complicated sex move he chose, tug on his hair. With any luck, he’ll nut really hard, transforming into a protein-packed snack that can be eaten on the go.


Compliment Him

Studies have found that men get turned on by compliments, so don’t be afraid to verbalize exactly what about him turns you on. By the time you’re done blowing him, you’ll be enjoying the flavor of a preservative-free honey-almond bar where his dick used to be!


Try Sex at an Unexpected Time

Switch things up and try sex at different times of day and in creative locations! You might find the burst of excitement will give him the stamina to ejaculate so forcefully that he transforms into a KIND Bar. Delicious!




You don’t have to be a great actress to try role-play! If you’re feeling nervous, you can start with a scenario that’s close to real life. For example, he could pretend to be working out at the gym. Then you come in as the cute personal trainer. The power dynamic will make him nut suuuuper hard, after which you can just pick him up and put him in your purse, with the rest of your snacks!


These tips are guaranteed to please your man so thoroughly that he turns into delicious, environmentally conscious snack. Remember, if you try new things, you’re guaranteed to spice things up in the bedroom. Hopefully he just turns into the KIND bars you like best!