5 Women to Date Out of Fleeting Curiosity About What Dating A Woman is Like

Dating women is all the rage—and not just for men! It may sound crazy, but women have been trying it too! Even if you’ve never felt attracted to another woman before, did you know you can experiment and waste someone’s time before ultimately realizing you prefer to date men? Well, you can! Here are five women to date out of a kind of fleeting curiosity about what dating a woman is like.


Haley, the barista at Starbucks

Haley is pretty, and good at making both coffee and conversation. Plus, she knows your order by heart. What more could you ask for? She also has short hair, which isn’t a guarantee but seems promising. This short-lived relationship will be full of walks in the park, cuddles by the fire, and ultimately, heartbreak (for her, not you). Make mine a Venti!


Phaedra, your Twitter friend

Since you’ve never actually met in person, this one is a no-brainer. Phaedra is super funny and smart, and most importantly, she doesn’t live in your state. Take this extremely casual friendship to the next level by sliding into her DMs and asking “u up?” She will be unsure if you’re joking, and will retain that feeling throughout this short “relationship”, which will ultimately end when you forget to check Twitter for a few days. Don’t @ me, ya lez!


Jessica, the Office Manager

Jessica is on top of it when it comes to keeping snacks in stock, which is a huge plus in a partner. Plus, she’s only a few hundred feet away at all times, which is an even bigger plus. This limited-time liaison will be filled with sweet nothings and deliciously ambiguous flirtation, and will end abruptly when you are no longer hungry and also not a lesbian. Great job leading her on! Now you know you’re not attracted to women and have to avoid that gorgeous snack drawer for eternity. You killed two birds with one stone! Well played!



Greta, your dog walker

Greta is always on time to walk Sweet Potato, and that’s your number one “green flag” in a partner. Full speed ahead! Ask Greta if she’d like to walk the dog together, and take it from there. This ill-fated flirtation promises lots of one-on-one time bonding over a shared love of dogs, and will end when you eventually text her “sorry, not feelin’ it anymore. Can u walk Sweet Potato at 11 tomorrow? Thanks in advance!” Love is a doggone adventure!


Melinda, your one lesbian friend

Will she go for this? Probably not, but there’s no law on the books that says you can’t ask. If you’re going to experiment with dating women, why not ruin a friendship while you’re at it!


Remember—if you think men are pigs who are wasting your time, you can pay it forward by wasting the time of a woman who’s just looking for real love while you conduct a useless and ultimately fruitless sexual experiment.