4 Men You Won’t Date in Your Twenties Because You Date Women

No matter who you are, there are some types of men that you’re going to date in your twenties, because it’s important to meet all kinds of people until we find out who is right for us! But none of these men actually apply to you because you date women, but maybe you’d like to read about these men anyway? No pressure.


The Sensitive Loner

Any gal who appreciates a love letter from a hopeless romantic is no stranger to the sensitive loner type! You know, the guy who sits by himself at a party reading a book and plays guitar in the park? Everyone dates this guy at some point, except you, probably – because you’re busy dating the girl who takes selfies of just her abs in a sports bra right now and it’s really working for you. Wow, your twenties are full of so many adventures!


The Bad Boy

Every woman secretly wants a bad boy. He’s mysterious, sexy, and maybe you can be the one to “tame him.” Well, you won’t be taming any bad boys in your twenties because while all the bad boys are out there knee-deep in pussy, so are you. You might actually be the “bad boy” yourself, you little James Dean! We won’t judge – you’re in your twenties!



The Intellectual

Lots of women will fall head over heels in love with a highly intellectual, emotionally detached academic man at some point in their twenties. Their aloofness and bookish charm can attract anyone with their deep thoughts and incisive points of view. A man with a brain? What could be better?! For you? A woman. Maybe like an intellectual type woman because they exist too and that’s who you typically date.


The Feminine Guy

Actually, you will date this guy but only because you are extremely confused for a brief period in your very early 20s and this is just sort of a rite of passage. Sorry!!


If there’s one thing that’s true for all women, they WILL date the same types of men when they are still finding their way in life. Thankfully you don’t have to deal with that though because you’re a lesbian. How cool!