Aw! This Woman Doesn’t Miss Her Family, But She Does Miss Having a Sephora Employee Constantly Asking Her If She Needs Help

The isolation resulting from the global coronavirus pandemic has been hard on everyone. But one woman is trying to take it in stride: 26-year-old Brenda Walker doesn’t miss her family, but she’s having a really hard time living without a Sephora employee constantly asking her if she needs help.


“I FaceTime with my mom and dad all the time, so I’m not feeling too sad about not seeing them in person,” says Brenda. “I just wish I had gotten one of the overbearing Sephora employees’ numbers before the pandemic, so I could keep in touch with them too.”


Aw, we empathize with you Brenda!


“What I wouldn’t give to be followed around a store and asked whether I prefer a liquid or powder foundation right now,” said Brenda. “I would kill for a woman somehow wearing six different colors of eyeshadow to offer me a complimentary makeover.”


“If only I’d known my last trip would be the last trip, I would’ve accepted to try a few more roll-on perfumes,” she added.


Brenda’s family is offended.


“She hasn’t seen us since the holidays, but she gets a shipment from Sephora every other week,” said Carolyn Walker, Brenda’s mother. “It feels like a bit of a slap in the face. The store associates at Sephora didn’t raise her.



But Brenda remains in her state of longing for strangers she has no connection to outside of a makeup store.


“I’d give up all my Sephora points for ten minutes of being harangued by women in black in red uniforms,” she said. “I’d give up my free birthday gift.”


“It’s never anything that cool, anyway,” Brenda added.