Goals! This Woman’s Screen Time is Way Down Ever Since She Fell Into a Manhole

In an inspiring story out of a DeKalb, IL manhole, Sandra Jenkins screen time is down 87% this week after falling down the manhole.


Sandra fell down the open manhole in a remote part of town while she was on Instagram – which is down a whopping 93% since her traumatic fall.


“At first I tried calling and texting people for help, but I had no service down here,” Sandra told us. “After my phone died, my screen time went way down. And so did my hopes for surviving this whole ordeal.”


Wow, Sandra! Now that’s self-care!


While the majority of Sandra’s screen time was previously spent on social media and texting, 100% of her screen time this week was devoted to frantic one-second phone calls and texting “PLEASE HELP ME” to everyone she knew.



“I was pretty sure I would have died down there if this had gone on any longer,” she said. “But I have to say, it was really a nice vacation from all of the anger and vitriol on social media. I just hope I can keep this up!”


Honestly, somebody get us a manhole to fall down in for a long weekend! You go, Sandra!!