QUIZ: What Kind of Girlfriend Are You Even Though You’ve Never Had A Serious Relationship?

Being self aware is difficult, especially when it comes to how you act in a relationship. It’s important for every girl to know what type of girlfriend she is to a boyfriend, even if he doesn’t exist. Take this quiz to find out what kind of girlfriend you are, even though you’ve never actually been in a serious relationship.


Do you want to talk to your boyfriend throughout your whole day?

A. Yes! You want to constantly text or communicate.

B. Nah, you tend to just text back if he initiates the conversation.

C. Ummm, maybe? You love when your brunch group chat is super active so maybe it would be the same if you ever had a legit boyfriend? That must be nice.


What’s the ideal way to spend your anniversary?

A. Something romantic—Rose petals and candles are a must!

B. Something adventurous—It’s time for go-karts or a hike!

C. Wait, do you celebrate anniversaries if you’re not married? You don’t know because you’ve never had to. Is this like, what people do??


What do you like to do on the weekend?

A. Explore! Weekend road trips are the best.

B. Relax! Spending time with your guy and your friends is ideal.

C. Uhhh, you usually just sit at home watching Fixer Upper reruns because there’s no one else there to make a decision and you’d have no idea what to do if you did.


Uh oh! Your boyfriend’s best friend slides into your DMs. What do you do?

A. Confront it. You would tell him that’s not okay and be honest with your boyfriend about what went down.

B. Pursue it. It’s not like you’d act on it, but you did always think he was cute.

C. You literally cannot fathom this scenario and have no insight on what it’s like to be in a relationship whatsoever.


How much do you love your boyfriend?

A. More than anything in the world!

B. So much, but he’s not your everything.

C. Sorry, can somebody please tell me what this feels like?






Mostly A’s: You’re a very attached girlfriend. You care about him and want to be with him. You’re confident in your relationship and feel that you’re going to be together for a long time. Ain’t life grand?


Mostly B’s: You’re a casual girlfriend. You keep a very healthy distance to your boyfriend, even though you clearly care about him. Not all relationships need to be between people attached at the hip!


Mostly C’s: Wow, yeah, you don’t have a boyfriend and never have, so this quiz is completely pointless for you. Maybe you’d be a chill cool girlfriend or you maybe you’d be super intense and weird! Who knows, take a different quiz!