Add Mystery To Your Relationship With THESE Suspicious Behaviors

Feel like your relationship is drifting into safety and security? Everyone knows that long-term relationships require a regular dose of mistrust to maintain the spark, which is why we’ve developed a foolproof list of suspicious behaviors to add zest to any boring old relationship:


Mail yourself an unexpected gift.

Sending surprise presents to your spouse is pretty vanilla, but sending unmarked packages to yourself containing expensive jewelry and loaded messages from a secret lover? Talk about mystery! Men thrive on intrigue, and the intrigue caused by your mysterious admirer will fuel his concern into overdrive.


Disappear unexpectedly.

Nothing adds excitement to the bedroom quite like not being there when he wakes up to use the bathroom in the middle of the night. The outlandish scenarios that’ll run through his head when he finds you missing will largely benefit your role-play, and that crippling sense of abandonment will create just the right amount of vulnerability needed to keep things intimate.


Have an emotional affair.

If you never cheat on your partner, this one can be a challenge. But real mystery requires authenticity, and what could be more worrisome than the appearance of a long and torrid affair? Go have yourself some wild nights out with Daniel from accounting, and watch your man’s interest surge with the rumor mills.



Keep a second cell phone in your purse.

It might be from 1996 and not be connected to any verifiable cell network, but it will definitely have him keeping the police on speed dial! Are you part of a drug ring? Is this for your affair? Is it to call your best friend to ruminate on divorce? He’ll literally have no idea, but he’ll definitely be afraid!


Stop communicating altogether.

Knowledge is power, but when it comes to relationships, it can be a death sentence. Stop speaking to your man altogether, even when you’re sitting next to him at dinner, and watch as the mystery soars – along with his deepening concern for what you might be hiding.


Implementing these suspicious behaviors will maintain that sense of mystery to keep the spark alive. Your suspicious behaviors will keep that flame HOT – at least for a few months, until he loses it and admits he can’t handle the constant gaslighting and manipulation. So get at it, girl!