5 Steamy Sexts That Are Actually Just CupcakKe Lyrics

cupcakKe rapper

Sexting with your sweetie can be a fun, provocative way to distract yourself from the ennui of your everyday life. But what about if you’re no good at being bad? No worries, there’s a sex goddess you can turn to when you need to get a lil’ kinky but wanna keep it fresh. So here are four steamy sexts to send to your boo that are actually just lyrics from songs written by our favorite high femme sex siren, CupcakKe!


“It’s Niagara Falls in this pussy all day.”

Damn, girl!! This sext is bound to get your man all worked up thinking about how wet you’re gonna get for him! Just make sure that he’s not too, too familiar with the Marilyn MonHOE, otherwise he’ll notice that this is just a lyric from her aptly titled bop “Vagina”. But really, why put in the effort to try to be sexy when CupcakKe literally invented being sexy? It’s not worth it, sis!


“Put it so deep I can’t speak a sentence.”

Oooh, this is kinky! Send this to your boo and he’ll be so distracted thinking about you sucking his dick, he won’t have the mental capacity to realize that you copy and pasted this directly from the MetroLyrics page for CupcakKe’s hit “Deepthroat” into your text thread! But wouldn’t you wanna emulate the sexpertise of a rapper who manages describe her pussy’s hue as a deli meat and shade Bill Cosby in the same bar? An icon!


“Open this coochie up like a fortune cookie.”

Nothing like a text that’s sexy and also provides a clear visual! Your bae won’t believe his good fortune when he reads this sext and thinks about fucking you from behind while you’re waiting for some takeout. With thoughts of crab rangoon dancing through his mind, he won’t have any space to process the fact that you actually borrowed this line from the best rapper named after a different food, CupcakKe. Make sure he saves room for dessert!



“Pull that footlong out yo pants and let’s put Subway out of business.”

If you’ve got a guy with a sense of humor, this line will get him giggling while also getting him ready to eat (you) fresh. He’ll also think you’re super clever for coming up with such a nasty, yet funny, sext, unknowingly praising the brilliant wit of Elizabeth Eden Harris. No need to wrack your brain for something sexy to tease your man with when CupcakKe has been raising the bar on dirty talk since 2015. Just lean into it!


“His dick smaller than my toes.”

Haha just kidding! Seriously, don’t use this one.


It can be titillating to send a few sexy texts to your man. So try any of these hot, steamy sexts when you wanna get him going but you wanna leave the specifics to the sexperts. And by sexperts, we mean CupcakKe!