Quiz: Are You a Dick Girl or a Balls Girl?

Knowing what you like in bed can prove challenging, but all it takes is some experimenting to sort out what you prefer! Sooner or later, you’ll realize whether that thing is dick or balls. Those are really the only two options! Here’s how to tell if you are more of a dick girl or more of a balls girl.


Think about your partner. If you could only touch one thing, what would it be?

  1. Definitely dick. No question. I love touching that hunk of meat that lives inside those tight boxer briefs all day. Yum!
  2. How is this even a question? It’s balls all the way. I daydream about grabbing a fistful of those fleshy danglers! Ugh, now I’m horny!
  3. I would probably touch his back! I do not understand A or B!


Do your friends like him?

  1. Yes, they totally get that I am a huge dick girl, and they support me and my quest for dick all day.
  2. They were hesitant at first, but after I told them his balls make me go, “Yes, yes, please, more!!” they are on board.
  3. Yeah, he came to karaoke. Clothed. He was outgoing and fun.


What is your favorite quality of his?

  1. That big dong! I wish it was out all the time so I could see it do its thing! Ugh, what I would give for more time with my man’s shrinky dink!
  2. I love the time and care he takes with me, especially when he swings those freaky balls in my face! More balls, please! I’ll never be satisfied!
  3. He’s a really good listener!


Think fast: Dick or balls?

  1. Dick, please!
  2. Balls, bitch!
  3. What the fuck is happening?


What are you eating for lunch today?

  1. Big ol’ peen, of course!
  2. Will munch on balls throughout the day. Yummy!
  3. A Caesar salad.





Mostly As: You are definitely, without a shadow of a doubt, a dick girl. You eat, sleep and breathe dick, which is awesome. If some dude tries to get you to do something to his balls, just like him know, “Sorry, dude, but I love dick, and there’s nothing you can do about it!”


Mostly Bs: You chose Bs and that can only mean one thing– you are obsessed with balls! As a ball girl, you don’t care about dick, you are here for the testicles. You are a true baller! Haha!


Mostly Cs: What the hell is wrong with you? You just… like your boyfriend? Okay, likely story. Good luck, but this relationship sounds doomed. Honestly, try finding a hobby! Like dick! Or balls!