Quiz: Are You Guy Pretty, Girl Pretty, Or Not Pretty?

We believe there’s no one right way to be beautiful. Some girls are guy pretty – you know, that classic, girl-next-door look. Some girls are girl pretty, boldly rocking edgy haircuts and bold silhouettes that only other ladies would appreciate. And some girls are not pretty at all! Which one are you? Take the quiz below to find out:


1. You’re getting ready for a night out on the town. What do you wear?

a. A short, tight dress. You’re here to meet a man, after all! You heart dick.

b. Combat boots, a floor-length tent dress, and blue lipstick. You like making statements with your look. Statements like, “I hate men.”

c. Something from Kohl’s?


2. Was that your alarm?! Rats! You only have five minutes to pack a lunch for work. What do you grab?

a. A cute salad.

b. Chia seeds, which you then use to spell out the words “HIGH MAINTENANCE” across your desk.

c. A sandwich?



3. Your friend calls you in tears – her boyfriend just broke up with her! What do you do?

a. Her boyfriend. What? He’s single now.

b. Bring her some soup, and watch her favorite rom-com with her. Yay for girls! DEATH TO MEN.

c. Apply ointment to your eczema while offering encouragement over the phone. You’d go to her place but your eczema’s real bad this week.


4. It’s time to meet the parents! What is your go-to makeup look when you’re dressing to impress?

a. A shimmery smoky eye, pink lip gloss, and perfume that smells like a post-shower vagina.

b. A black shapeless gown with “Death to Bankers” painted on the front. His dad is the patriarchy.

c. Your parents already know you, why would you “meet” them? And they love you just the way you are, so you don’t stress about it.



Mostly A’s: You’re GUY PRETTY. Men are attracted to your laid-back, sexy style, even though it might seem basic to the fashion set. Whatever, bitches! You get more ass than they could ever dream of, cuz all their butts are as flat as a hockey puck. You love hockey!


Mostly B’s: You’re GIRL PRETTY. While dudes may not understand your modern style or striking choices, you are every lady’s girl-crush. Don’t worry though: The right guy will love you for you — crop blazer and all.


Mostly C’s: You’re NOT PRETTY. Sadly, you were not blessed with traditionally “beautiful” features. In fact, your face is repellent to most people and animals. Enjoy exploring other aspects of yourself, such as your personality and sense of humor. There’s beauty in those, too!