QUIZ: Is it Love Or Is This Dick Pic The Only Action You’ve Seen In Weeks?

Dating while we’re all in isolation can be tricky. What do you do on a virtual date? Can you become physically attracted to someone you’ve never met? And most importantly: are you actually developing feelings for the human on the other side of the Facetime, or do you just miss seeing other peoples’ genitals in person? Take this quiz to determine whether you’re falling in love or if their dick pick is just the only action you’ve gotten in weeks:


Do you find them attractive?

  1. Yes, definitely.
  2. Yes, I find aspects of them attractive. Mostly their dong.


Have you discussed your respective interests?

  1. Yes, at length. We even share a bunch in common!
  2. Maybe? I haven’t really been paying attention because I’m dicknotized.


Do you share any of the same values?

  1. Yes, and the ones most important to me are also important to them.
  2. Yes, we both value a well-composed nude.


Are your plans for the future in line with each other’s?

  1. Yes, we both see ourselves settling down in the next few years.
  2. Yes, we’re both definitely down to bang after all this. And maybe get married?


Have you masturbated yet today?

  1. Yes, but I don’t really see what that has to do with this quiz.
  2. No, and I’m fucking aching! I’ve never been so horny in my life.






Mostly As

Seems like you two are on the path to a fulfilling relationship! Take it slow, and keep your wits about you, of course. But all signs point to a love blossoming when you can finally meet up!


Mostly Bs

Oh hunny, that’s not love, it’s quarantine lust. Seems like you’ve maybe gotta focus a little more on what’s in this guy’s heart than what’s in his pants (and, subsequently, in your phone).