First Date Ideas for After You’ve Had Sex for Several Weeks

It’s a classic dating dilemma: you’ve been having sex for several weeks, and now you’re ready to take things to the next level by maybe going out in public. But what should you do for your first date?! Check out these great get-to-know-you escapades to impress him, even if he already knows what you look like naked:


Have a Picnic

Spread out a blanket, enjoy a fresh breeze, and spread some jelly on a cracker or two—just like that time you enjoyed “breakfast in bed” by licking a spoonful of jelly off his penis after the first night you met. Yummy!


Go to the Movies

Going to see a movie is a great way to break the ice. You don’t have to talk during the movie, which will no doubt remind you of the time he gagged you with a sock and you almost choked on the most mind-blowing orgasm of your life. Now you have something to talk about!


Take a Romantic Hike

Sure, you’ve climbed plenty of trees as a couple. Meaning you’ve expertly ridden his “morning wood” more times than you can count. But a hike among actual trees will give you the opportunity to really get to know each other. You might find out that you really like enjoy each other’s company; but either way, you get to have sex outside!



Play Frisbee in the Park

After the evening you spent walking your man around your apartment wearing a dog collar and rewarding him with your “biscuit,” you can rest assured he’ll feel right at home playing fetch with a Frisbee in the park. Plus, you can get some cardio! Oh wait, you don’t need any because you’ve been doing literally nothing but fucking for the last three weeks.


You might be nervous about your first date, but don’t be! Just make sure to ask him his middle name. Good luck!